mark fidrych had sex on a pitcher’s mound to celebrate being signed. i would love to have been whoever it was that he was with. i’d love to feel the dirt on my back and see it sticking to his sweaty skin. and that hair, unf.
ryan perry. i just want to pull his hair and leave scratches on his back and let him have me up against a wall.
If I could have anything for my birthday, it’d be Brett Jackson and Anthony Rizzo. Naked. In my bed. I would do so many bad things to them….

Barry Zito’s performance against the Braves was masterful, and like all Barry Zito start, it turned me on a little, but it wasn’t until he was pulled out in the 9th and frustrated at the bullpen for giving up runs that I wanted to drag him into the clubhouse and have hot, angry sex with him. Barry is such a stud, and I’d let him fuck my brains out any day.


Chipper Jones, because older men do it better. 


Tim Lincecum has been wearing lately make him look like a nerdy, sexy professor.  I want him to take me into his classroom, place me on his desk, and show me exactly what is expected of me to pass his class.  And not only will I pass, I will get an A+++

Matt Kemp

that is all .

Every inch of my body wants to know if Hunter Pence is as awkward in bed as he is on the field. Honestly, I think I’d be more turned on if he was.

Georgia Peach

I’m a proud California girl who would pack her bags and move to Georgia tomorrow if Mr. Sexy (otherwise known as Josh Reddick) wanted me to. I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees every day there, or if Honey Boo Boo is our next door neighbor…


one of Ryan Zimmerman’s walk up songs is whatever you like by TI, and it turns me on so much, thinking about him fucking me in his jet, on the way to our private island resort.

That moment when you lay eyes on the most gorgeous man in the world. (Brandon Crawford).

ryan perry. i just want to pull his hair and leave scratches on his back and let him have me up against a wall.

Eric O’Flaherty sexually and emotionally frustrates me.

I could explain how in a number of ways, but… I don’t think I could actually submit some of the things I might say. 

I embarrass myself just thinking about it…

I wish I could have shower sex with Tim lincecum. Me holding on to the bars while I wrap my legs around his waist while he grips onto my ass and fucks me senselessly and sucking on my tits. Afterwards I would soap him up and get on my knees to masterbate him and suck him off.

Elvis and Ian.

I would like to cordially invite Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus to do what ever they want with me. I don’t draw the line at anything.