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Tim Lincecum has been wearing lately make him look like a nerdy, sexy professor.  I want him to take me into his classroom, place me on his desk, and show me exactly what is expected of me to pass his class.  And not only will I pass, I will get an A+++

I wish I could have shower sex with Tim lincecum. Me holding on to the bars while I wrap my legs around his waist while he grips onto my ass and fucks me senselessly and sucking on my tits. Afterwards I would soap him up and get on my knees to masterbate him and suck him off.

I want to smoke weed with Tim Lincecum until we get so high that we think each other are milkshakes and then “drink” him by sucking his dick.

Watching Tim Lincecum masturbate and climax is definitely on my bucket list.

….Everything about this photo…..

The rip in the jeans. The light shirt. How his body twists. His bare feet. How his shirt is being teasingly revealing. Just…*sigh*

i want to have sex with tim lincecum in a kitty litter box

I want Tim Lincecum to pound the fuck out of my strike zone while yelling “YEAH, YES, FUCK YES”

i want to strip down tim lincecum, handcuff him to my bed, and blindfold him as i beat him with a paddle and then fuck him hard.

I want to sneak into the Giants locker room after a game, rip Tim Lincecum’s towel off his wet bod, grab him by the hair, kiss him hard, and have him pound me relentlessly against his locker until he comes, telling me, “You know you want it like this.” And he would be right. :p

I want Tim Lincecum to spit on my ass while he drills me from behind

I want to take Tim Lincecum’s jeans off with my teeth while Barry Zito gets me from behind.   

Tim Lincecum says he’s been eating a lot of peanut butter and dark chocolate lately to gain weight.  What I wouldn’t give to sit in his lap, feed him a peanut butter from a spoon, while giving him the best hand job he’s ever had in his life. Fuck yeah.

I wanna fuck Tim Lincecum so hard on top of the pitchers mound.
I wanna fuck Tim Lincecum so hard on top of the pitchers mound.

everytime timmy makes this face all I can think is, “oh god, I bet that’s his orgasm face.”